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B n our fully functional 737 simulator you can perform flights and approaches according to your wishes. You can fly alone or in pairs, or you can choose to steer together with the instructor from left or right.

In our 1:1 cockpit we have used the best hardware and installed a professional projection, which is simply better than any simulator with monitors. See also "our simulator".

  • You can fly all common approaches (e.g. VOR, NDB, ILS, RNAV...); practice raw-, as well as computed data or patterns with company procedures
  • You can use both CDUs to program the FMC for the flight (or bring your prepared Simbrief/Navigraph flight plan
  • Preparation for Simulator / Assessments
  • Authentic online radio is possible. We can choose a route together ( VatSim - from 90 minutes booking)

B are you a pilot or do you have experience in simulators? Then maybe you already know what you want to fly with us. Landings, approaches and complete flights can be done as you like. In the past year, some pilots have successfully prepared for assessments and re-entry with us.

For our first anniversary, we installed new top sceneries in October 2020. See our map with our best destinations in the Gallery. You have questions about your program? Feel free to write us an email. Tip: please have a look at the reviews to get an idea how the previous guests liked it.

CitySim ist einer der ersten, X-Plane 11 basierten full-size 737 Simulatoren in Deutschland. Professionelle Ausstattung und eine sehr persönliche Betreuung ist unser Markenzeichen. Ihr werdet ausschließlich vom Inhaber oder Instruktor Jan (ATPL) betreut.

Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch.

To prepare for your flight in the flight simulator you can familiarize yourself with the approximate speeds and steps from take off to clean or landing. Further documents can be found at or you can watch Flightdeck2Sim on Youtube.

Our role model:
Boeing 737-800 - MSN 37781 - Engines: 2x CFM56-7 - Delivered: July 2013