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Welcome to 737 Flight simulator in Munich

With our 737 Flight simulator, we create diverse, exciting experiences for you.
Whether you are an avid aviation fan, simulator pilot, private pilot, or simply looking for a particular activity, we create an individually tailored experience for you.

You can be completely relaxed. Your experienced "CitySim co-pilots" give you first a introduction and you discuss from which Airport your flight will depart. 10-20 minutes briefing is included free of charge.

Choose your favorite airport or take a recommended Airport, an optically appealing aerodrome which works well for your first flight (eg. Nice, Dubrovnik, Munich). Or get the thrill of trying to master the challenging approaches into Funchal or Skiathos? Next, you take the Captain's Seat. Our Ipeco seat has traveled more than 5 Mio km in a real Boing 737 aircraft.

Through the cockpit windows you see the landscape projected like in real life on the 180 degree projection like in real life.

First you fly a so-called traffic pattern, so take off, turning a "circle" and the land on the same runway. By that you make yourself familiar with plane and learn the effect of your commands to the steering column (Yoke) , pedals and throttle. Then you choose weather, Time of day and route. Then it's your turn and bring the Boeing safely to the destination.

Enjoy the fascination and the heady feeling, to control a passenger jet.

Included: Photos, Videos, drink -You are welcome to take photos and videos, the instructor will be happy to take a picture of you. The price is for the booked time, whether you come alone or in pairs. No complicated pricing model and extra costs. We thank our previous guests and for that 100% positive reviews !


F rom novice to pro. Every pilot we have in 737 Flight Simulator its appropriate level of individual. We adapt ourselves and level of information to your knowledge and skills.


The CitySim team is thrilled when you sit down as a pilot of our 737 flight simulator for the first time. The unique feeling when you rotate and lift off and when you land will inspire you. You will see, how a flight under actual weather conditions and air traffic works. A unique and exciting entertainment. The team is looking forward to you and your first flight.

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Our flight simulator offers high end flight controls and instruments with great HD visuals, and a great sound, to create a truly immersive experience. About our 737 - read more under "our simulator". The City Sim flight simulator has been used by young pilots, to memorize some processes of the 737 for their upcoming start into the flight service or to practice raw data approaches. See the ratings on google and tripadvisor. .

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If you are looking for a special gift for someone in your family, for friends or colleagues . A flight in a flight simulator is a special gift idea and immediately available. You can come along, too. And our flight simulator is easily accessible by public transport.

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