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Welcome to the 737 Flight Simulator in Munich

With our 737 Flight Simulator we will provide you with diverse and exciting experiences.
Whether you are an avid aviation fan, simulator pilot, private pilot, or simply looking for a special activity, we will create an individually tailored experience for you.

  • A great gift for friends and your loved ones

    An unforgettable event for the recipient. Of course, you can also participate free of charge.
    Please let us know if you would like to have a printed voucher by mail or the PDF by mail.
  • Airline Assessment Preparation

    We have appointments available for you and a lot of experience with the preparation of simulator screenings at Condor, Aerologic, Ryanair, EAT (DHL), AirDolomiti, Turkish Airlines, Corendon, and many more. Over 90% of the pilots we have prepared have passed their simulator screening.

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  • CitySim BOEING 737 the ideal simulator for adventure flights

    • 100% individual program and motivated instructors.
    • We emphasize realistic flying, also by hand. We show you, for example, pitch / power - at Airbus, trimming is automatic.
    • You are welcome to come in pairs, the companion is welcome to fly with you for free - double the fun
    • Drinks, videos & photos included - no extra costs
    • Everything works for us, inspiring graphics

Pure adrenaline: Your nice instructor will briefly introduce you to the most important controls.

Feel free to choose your favorite airport or let us recommend you an airport that is visually appealing and well suited for your first flight (in the gallery you will find particularly appealing ones on the map). Then take a seat on the Captain's Seat on the left - by the way, our original seat has covered more than 5 million km in a real Boeing 737. All charts of the airports we can fly to are available on the iPads. Of course we show you how to read these charts and introduce you to the navigation!

Through the cockpit windows you can see the landscape on a 180 degree projection all around.

The first thing we often do is a so-called aerodrome circuit, i.e. taking off, turning a "circle" and landing on the same runway. This way you get familiar with the aircraft and how it reacts to your commands on the control column (yoke). In our sim the yokes are connected like in the original "Three Sevens", so we can show you how to steer it best. Also, the 737 is ideal to get to know "Pitch Power" and we attach great importance to the fact that you also fly and land by hand. Then we choose a route and it's your turn to bring the Boeing safely to its destination.

Let yourself be fascinated by the exhilarating feeling of piloting a passenger jet. Once you've mastered the aerodrome circuit with your instructor, your companion is welcome to sit in the First Officer's seat and fly with you; we'll be happy to help from behind, as required, i.e. from the jumpseat.

Included: photos, videos, drink -You arewelcome to take photos and videos, the instructor will be happy to take souvenir pictures of you. The price is for the booked time, whether you come alone or as a couple. No complicated pricing model and extra charges. Check out the rave reviews from previous guests.


From rookie to the pro. In the 737 Flight Simulator we provide you with your individual program, matching perfectly the level of your experience so that you will be able to manage the level of complexity along the flights. 


The CitySim team is very happy when our guests take a seat in the cockpit of the flight simulator for the first time. The unique feeling during take-off and landing will inspire you. You will experience how a flight takes place under real weather conditions and air traffic. A unique and exciting entertainment. The team is looking forward to you and your first flight.

Further Information

Our flight simulator combines high quality simulator flight controls and OEM items from former airplanes with HD visuals, surround sound and vibration to create a truly immersive experience. The CitySim 737 Flight Simulator was designed and built entirely in-house. The City Sim Flight Simulator offers everyone the possibility to control a Boeing 737 with state-of-the-art flight simulation. 

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If you are looking for a special gift for your husband, friends or colleagues - a flight in a flight simulator is a special gift idea and available immediately (printed voucher via mail or pdf via mail for printing at home). 
Of course you can even join the session that you gifted. 
Our flight simulator is very easy to reach by public transport, one station from Munich´s main station!