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The 737 flight simulator in the heart of Munich promises great flying pleasure for young and old and is an ideal gift.


Y ou can be quite relaxed, your CitySim instructor will brief you, so that you get an idea how to take off and control the aircraft. You can choose any airport you like but we will also assist with nice recommendations for you.

Then you take a seat on the left, that's the Captain's Seat. Our seat in the flight simulator has travelled more than 5 million km in a 737. All instruments and controls are in exactly the same place as in the original aircraft. Through the cockpit windows you can see the landscape on a 180 degree projection. 

First you fly a so called aerodrome circuit, i.e. take-off, flying a "rectangle" and landing on the same runway. In this way, you get to know the aircraft as it reacts to your commands at the control wheel/yoke. Then you select the weather, time of day (e.g. also special conditions such as night or rain) and the route. Now it's your turn and bring the Boeing safely from take-off to its destination.

At the end there is a little souvenir for you (or the person you give this flight to). Of course your instructor will also take a picture or video of you as a souvenir. 

If you want to prepare yourself (but you don't have to), you can find descriptions of the most important instruments in the 737 Flight Simulator here:


V many children/young people dream of becoming a pilot and are fascinated by flying. We welcome young pilots from around 10 years of age with at least one accompanying parent.

Whether for fun or for a future dream job career as a professional pilot. The dream of flying can come true in our flight simulator.

The children get a briefing and then steer a 737 in a realistic cockpit. The experienced co-pilot helps the children and young people to lift the aircraft into the air like a real pilot, not to lose their orientation in the sky and to make a good landing. Previous knowledge is not necessary for the flight with the flight simulator.

We are also happy to host the birthday party for up to 5 children (if the Corona situation allows). Please make an individual arrangement with our CitySim team. Just send us an email and we will make you an offer.