The dream of flying is only a subway ride away (if you live in Munich)! 

You can be completely relaxed, your nice "co-pilots" from CitySim MUC will brief you first (15 minutes free of charge!) and you discuss from which airport it should start. You can choose any airport or let them recommend you especially spectacular or beautiful ones.

Then you take a seat on the left, that's the captain's seat. Our seat must have covered more than 5 million km in a real 737.

All instruments and controls are exactly in the same place as the original aircraft. Through the cockpit windows you see the landscape like the crew in real.

The first thing you like to do is what's called an "aerodrome circuit", which means taking off, flying an oval and landing in the same place. This will familiarize you with the reactions of the 737 to your commands on the control column. Then you select the weather, time of day (e.g. night!) and route. Now it's your turn to bring your passengers and the Boeing safely to their destination.

At the end you (or the person you are giving this flight to) will receive a certificate and a small souvenir.